Low Dimensional Nanostructures
Multiple Scales and Coupled Effects in Modelling Low Dimensional Semiconductor Nanostructures (LDSN): Between Atomistic and Continuum. Follow this link for the Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science where our article on LDSN can be found.

Multiscale Phenomena in Quantum Dots
More on our recent work published in Nanotechnology, demonstrating the importance of coupled thermo-electromechanical effects in quantum dots and their applications. Follow this link at nanotechweb.org for further details.

Interdisciplinary AMMCS Conference Series: AMMCS-2013 (International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modeling & Computational Science)
This important event will take place in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada from August 26 - 30, 2013. Follow this link for further details.

Quantum dots and nonlinear electromechanics
Extensions to the existing modeling analysis shed light on higher-order nonlinear electrostrictive effects in nanoscale piezoelectric materials. Follow this link for further details on our recent results in this area.

RNA Nanostructures
We continue unraveling properties of RNA nanostructures by developing a hierarchy of coarse-grained models based on Molecular Dynamics methodologies. Alex Zhukov is joining the M2NeT Lab from the Institute for Cancer Research, Torino, Italy to work on RNA nanostructures and their applications.

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