Dynamic analysis of polymeric fluid in shear flow for dumbbell model with internal viscosity

Yang, X.-D., Melnik, R.V.N.

 JCSUT - Journal of Central South University of Technology,, 15: 17-20 Suppl. 1, 2008


The dynamic analysis of semi-flexible polymers, such as DNA molecules, is an important multiscale problem with a wide range of applications in science and bioengineering. In this contribution, a dumbbell model with internal viscosity was studied in steady shear flows of polymeric fluid. The tensors with moments other than second moment were approximated in the terms of second moment tensor. Then, the nonlinear algebraic equation of the second moment conformation tensor was calculated in closed form. Finally, substituting the resulting conformation tensor into the Kramers equation of Hookean spring force, the constitutive equations were obtained. The shear material properties were discussed for different internal viscosities and compared with the results of Brownian dynamics simulation.

Keywords: multiscale problems; dynamic simulation; polymeric fluid; internal viscosity; Brownian dynamics; shear thinning; semi-flexible polymers and DNA molecules

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