Error Dynamics and Coupling Procedures in Mathematical Climate System Models

Melnik, (R.)V.N.

Proceedings of the XVth World Congress on Scientific Computation, Modelling and Applied Mathematics, Germany, 1997; Vol. 6: Applications in Modelling and Simulation, Ed. A. Sydow, Wissenschaft and Technik Verlag, Berlin, 117--122, 1997


Mathematical hypotheses concerning the external character of perturbations are critically examined in the special case of climate system models. The importance of embedding of such models in a perturbation space with L1-structure for the analysis of error and model stability is demonstrated.

Key words: complex systems; uncertainty propagation in mathematical models; complexity of coupling; climate systems models; dynamics; atmosphere-active-layer systems; parametrization of physical processes; coupled mathematical models; small error dynamics; sensitivity to coupling procedures; topological embedding; non-reflexive topological spaces; scaling laws.