Nonlinear Strain Models in the Analysis of Quantum Dot Molecules

Melnik, R.V.N., Lassen, B.,  Lew Yan Voon, L.C., Willatzen, M. and Galeriu, C.

Nonlinear Analysis, 63(5-7), e2165--2176, 2005


Strain effects are fundamental to optoelectromechanical properties of low-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures such as quantum dots (QDs). Nevertheless, their influence is typically analyzed with simplified linear models based on the minimization of uncoupled, purely elastic energy functionals with respect to displacements. The applicability of such models is limited to the study of isolated idealized quantum dots, and both coupled and nonlinear effects need to be accounted for in the analysis of more realistic structures. In this paper, generalizations of the existing models for bandstructure calculations are discussed in the context of strain effects. Examplifications are given for hexagonal WZ semiconductor nanostructures.