Thermal Behavior of Absorbing and Scattering Glass Media Containing Molecular Water Impurity

Kournytskyi, T., Melnik, R.V.N. and Gachkevich, A.

Int. Journal of Thermal Sciences, 44(2), 107--114, 2005


The effect of the presence of molecular water impurity of various concentrations in absorbing and scattering glass media on the temperature field in a layer subjected to thermal infrared radiation is investigated. The analysed medium is treated as a multicomponent medium consisting of glass matrix and water impurity. The effect of radiation on the medium is expressed by heat sources in each component due to absorption of radiation. It is shown that the presence of water impurity in the glass medium should be accounted for in order to predict the temperature distribution during radiation action. The effect of scattering of radiation by water molecules on thermal and diffusive processes in the analysed medium is shown to be insignificant.