The Synergistic Integration of Mathematics, Software Engineering, and User-Centred Design: Exploring New Trends in Education

Angelov, C., Melnik, R.V.N. and Buur, J.

Future Generation Computer Systems, 19, 1299--1307, 2003


There is an increasing recognition in the society that interdisciplinary challenges must be part of new educational practices. In this paper, we describe the key curriculum activities at the University of Southern Denmark that combine mathematical modelling, software engineering, and user-centred design courses. These three disciplines represent a core of our graduate program, aiming at educating the professionals that will be capable of not only using but also further developing new technologies, and therefore, will be capable of fostering further the progress in computational science and engineering. Finally, we show how the learning environment, with emphases on broadening the student experience by industrial links, affects the student career aspiration.