Coupled electromechanical effects in II-VI group finite length semiconductor nanowires

Patil, S.R. and Melnik, R.V.N.

Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics, 42(14),  145113, 2009


In this contribution the electromechanical effects in II-VI group semiconductor finite length embedded nanowires (NWs) are analysed with fully coupled models of electroelasticity. First, strain distributions are obtained using analytical expressions derived from the Eshelby formulation with an assumption of isotropy. These results are then compared with general three-dimensional model based calculations, accounting for anisotropy and piezoelectricity. Next, as representatives of group II-VI NW systems we take zincblende CdTe/ZnTe and wurtzite CdSe/CdS crystal structured materials. The detailed analysis of strain relaxation along with electromechanical distributions are presented for common cross-sectional shapes of NWs such as triangular, square and crescent. Comparative results for both models, analytic and numerical, are presented and their applicability is discussed. The effects of the finite length of the NWs on electromechanical distributions are also discussed.