Control of coupled hysteretic dynamics of ferroelectric materials with a Landau-type differential model and feedback linearization

Wang, L.X. and Melnik, R.V.N.

Smart Materials & Structures, 18(7), 074011, 2009   


In the current paper, the hysteretic dynamics and butterfly-shaped behavior of ferroelectric materials are modeled and controlled with a macroscopic differential model inspired by the Landau theory of first-order phase transformations. Hysteretic dynamic behavior of the materials is analyzed as a consequence of orientation switching and the governing equations of the dynamics are formulated as coupled differential equations describing system states switching from one equilibrium state to another. The rate dependence of hysteresis is included in the analysis. A nonlinear feedback strategy is introduced for the linearization and a simple and efficient control strategy is proposed. Comparison of the results obtained with the developed model and their experimental counterparts is presented.