Modeling large reversible electric-field-induced strain in ferroelectric materials using 90 degrees orientation switching

Wang, L.X., Liu, R., Melnik, R.V.N.

Science in China. Series E - Technological Sciences, 52(1), 141-147, 2009 


Reversible large electric-field-induced strain caused by reversible orientation switchings in BaTiO3 is modeled using the Landau’s theory of phase transition. A triple well free energy function is constructed. Each of its minima is associated with one of the polarization orientations involved. Nonlinear constitutive laws accounting for reversible orientation switchings and electrostriction effects are obtained by using thermodynamic equilibrium conditions. Hysteretic dynamics of one-dimensional structures is described by coupled nonlinear differential equations. Double hysteretic loops in the electric and mechanic fields are both successfully modeled. Giant reversible electrostriction is modeled as a consequence of reversible orientation switchings via electro-mechanical couplings. Comparisons with experimental results reported in literatures are presented.