Analysis of Thermal States of IC's in Accordance with Nonstationarity and Internal Nonlinearity

Melnik (R.)V.N.

Radioelectronics and Communication Systems, 34(6), 84-86, 1991 [Referenced also as: Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii (VUZ): Radioelektronika, 34 (6), 89-91, 1991]


A three-dimensional nonstationary quasilinear heat transfer equation, which is supplemented with initial and boundary conditions is utilized as a mathematical model describing temperature distributions in integrated curcuit's (IC) substrate with allowance for internal nonlinearity. The thermal state of the IC is represented as a superposition of temperature fields on the substrate surface, created by network elements. It is shown that for improving the reliability of modelling thermal states of IC's it is necessary to take into account the internal nonlinearity and instability of the corresponding thermal processes.