Numerical model for vibration damping resulting from the first-order phase transformations

Wang, L. and Melnik, R.V.N.

Applied Mathematical Modelling31 ( 9)2008-2018, 2007


A numerical model is constructed for modelling macroscale damping effects induced by the first-order martensite phase transformations in a shape memory alloy rod. The model is constructed on the basis of the modified Landau-Ginzburg theory that couples nonlinear mechanical and thermal fields. The free energy function for the model is constructed as a double well function at low temperature, such that the external energy can be absorbed during the phase transformation and converted into thermal form. The Chebyshev spectral methods are employed together with backward differentiation for the numerical analysis of the problem. Computational experiments performed for different vibration energies demonstrate the importance of taking into account damping effects induced by phase transformations.