The 2009 USNCCN Workshop on

Coupled Multiphysics Problems in Nanoscience and Properties of Low Dimensional Nanostructures

Greater Columbus Convention Center, OH, USA, July 16 - July 19, 2009

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The 2009 Workshop on Coupled Multiphysics Problems in Nanoscience and Properties of Low Dimensional Nanostructures (CMSNB) is embedded into the 10th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics which will be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, OH, USA from July 16, 2009 till July 19, 2009.


Along with their fascinating applications, new structures and devices on scales between a nanometer and a micron bring new fundamental challenges to nanomechanics that can only be addressed efficiently by joint efforts of interdisciplinary groups of researchers. This minisymposium aims at bringing together scientists, engineers,  and applied mathematicians working in the rapidly evolving field of nanoscience  in order to discuss state-of-the-art models, procedures, and computational algorithms for the analysis of  coupled processes and phenomena encountered in nanotechnological and bio-nanotechnological applications. This includes, but not limited to, new technologies based on low-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures (quantum dots, wires, wells), nanotubes, interaction of nanoobjects with biological systems such as DNA, proteins, RNA, and bioconjugates. We welcome contributions on such applications of nanostructures. Coupled processes and phenomena are of increasing importance in nanomechanics due to the sensitivity of nanomaterials and devices to combined (multiphysics) effects of mechanical,  thermal and other fields that can lead to complete or partial failure.  Such combined effects lead frequently to new physics and bring serious new challenges in the analysis and modeling of nanostructures.  For example, electromechanical field couplings in nanostructures can be qualitatively very different as compared to classical structures.  We welcome contributions seeking to identify the most important differences between nano- and classical structures and consequences for basic physical properties and applications.  We are equally interested in contributions that discuss applications, stability and accuracy of combined atomistic and continuum simulations of nanostructures. Multiscale modeling presentations are especially encouraged in the context of coupled phenomena and processes that are becoming increasingly important in the modeling of low dimensional nanostructures and their applications.


There will be 2 keynote talks (by invitation from the organizers). The rest of the talks will be of 20 minutes duration. The workshop will consist of 3 sessions.


Follow this link for details of the Workshop presentations and the abstracts of the talks.


The Congress will be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, OH, USA. Further details on the conference venue and details of accommodation are available at the Congress website.


All the essential information for authors related to registration is available at the Congress website.



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