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CSASM is an interdisciplinary seminar series founded in 2004. The series covers all areas of applied mathematics,  computational physics, chemistry, and biology; mathematical, statistical, and computational models and tools as applied in natural and social sciences, engineering, business and economics, the areas where a substantial progress is possible due to Computational Science and Applied & Statistical Modelling.

The Laurier CSASM is a forum for academics, students, business and industry professionals to exchange ideas in order to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration in the areas of computational science and applied & statistical modelling, and to help train high quality and employable students.



How to get to the venue of the Laurier CSASM events:

Within the CSASM framework, some seminars are held at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (Laurier-Perimeter Seminar Series)



See more on Laurier CSASM: Past and Present (including a photo gallery)

Some of the past CSASM Visitors with quick links to abstracts of their talks:



CSASM topic coordinators and CSASM contacts

To give a talk at the Laurier Seminar Series in Computational Science and Applied & Statistical Modelling, please contact the topic coordinator  (listed below in alphabetical order) whose area of research interests is most relevant to the topic of the proposed presentation.

Please contact coordinators of the series Prof. Ilias Kotsireas or Prof. Roderick Melnik if you need additional information;

CSASM Publicity: Prof. Shohini Ghose and CSASM Promotion: Prof. Maria Gallego


Laurier CSASM Seminar Series Topic Coordinators:

Cameron, Kathie (Mathematics) Combinatorial Algorithms, Graph Theory, Optimization
Campolieti, Joe (Mathematics) High Performance Computing (HPC) and Financial Mathematics
Cressman, Ross (Mathematics) Mathematical Biology and Models for Evolutionary Dynamics
Gallego, Maria (Business & Economics) Quantitative Approaches to Economics and Political Science
Ghose Shohini (Physics) Quantum Computing
Hamilton, Ian (Chemistry) HPC, Computational Chemistry
Hoang, Chinh (Computing) Graph Algorithms and Applications
Kilgour, Marc (Mathematics) Operations Research and Mathematical Modelling in Social Sciences
Kotsireas, Ilias (Computing) HPC, Computer Algebra and Applications
Melnik, Roderick (Mathematics) Mathematical Modelling, Computational Mechanics and Physics
Moreno-Hagelsieb, Gabriel (Biology) Computational Biology and Biotechnological Applications
Perry, Stephen (Kinesiology) Biomedical and Bioengineering Applications
Servos, Philip (Psychology) Modelling in Psychology, Computational Neuroscience
Vaughan, David (Mathematics) Educational Aspects of Mathematical & Statistical Modelling
Wang, Zilin (Mathematics) Statistical Modelling and Bioinformatics
Wartak, Marek (Physics) Computational Physics and Nanotechnology, CFD
Zima, Eugene (Computing) Computer Science and Symbolic Computations



CSASM Sponsors:

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